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There are three cleaning programs and three cleaning and disinfecting programs. A complete cycle takes 8-12 minutes. In connection with the disinfection, a few minutes are required depending on the exposure time.

In addition, there are two special disinfection programs (validated disinfection and disinfection – hardness). These programs take up to 20 minutes and apply in conjunction with a listed disinfectants for hygiene expert opinions, including hygiene certificates.

The dosage of the treatment agent is set at the factory and complies with the requirements of the hygiene certificates.

Per wash cycle about 35 liters of warm water are required (approximately 45 ° C).

To clean effectively, warm water with a temperature of approx. 45 ° C is needed. Either the hot water is available at the customer or it is a washing cell with an integrated electric heating (hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heater max. 55 ° C) was used.

The first wash cycle at the start of the day takes approx. 3 minutes longer since the water tank must be filled with warm water. If the water has not been pumped out the evening before and the wash cell is equipped with additional heating, the heating will continue until the set temperature has been reached.

The rehabilitation agent, which has entered the washroom of the RehaWash unit, is cleaned and disinfected with wash water from the water tank with the addition of cleaning solution and disinfecting solution according to the set program. After the washing time has elapsed, the wash water is pumped off and fresh water is filled into the tank. The rinsing operation then begins with the addition of rinsing solution. The rinse water remains in the water tank for the next wash cycle.

After removal of the reagent it takes approx. 4 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and type of the aid (similar to dishwasher). Depending on the type of clothing, the seat or backrest requires more time.

After removal of the rehabilitation agents, all metal parts are dry within a few minutes by the inherited temperature.

The delivery program includes dryers of the various product series Type 313 T, Type B 309 T and Type B 904 T as well as combination plants.

Normally, only one reagent per wash cycle is treated. In a wash cell of size XL, B 904 or washing lines, several reheating agents can be cleaned and disinfected at the same consumption costs.

In our cleaning and disinfecting systems everything can be cleaned and disinfected; Except textile- or velor-like covering, since they absorb too much water and require too long a drying time.

The cleaning and disinfecting of AD systems (semicritical medical device class IIa) is validated with all RehaWash wash cells. The AD systems are hung on a special rack and disinfected according to the hygienic certificate and certificate.

The drying of the AD mattresses takes place in the air or in special RehaWash drying systems.

Highly contaminated rehabilitation agents should be pre-cleaned. Spraying the heavily soiled area with cleaning concentrate and a soaking will shorten the cleaning time.

The effect of moisture is minimal since the spraying is carried out at short notice and with little pressure. A walk with a wheelchair in the rain puts the wheelchair far away.

If the motors meet the IP standard for splash-protected articles, no problem is to be expected. Please contact the bed supplier for safety.

The water droplets are softened by the use of a rinsing agent after the cleaning or disinfecting wash, leaving only a water film on the surfaces. This water film dries within a short time through the internal heat of the rehabilitation agent almost without any stain formation.

However, strongly calcareous water can still lead to limescale spots on the laundry, as well as to clogging nozzle rods and spray nozzles. The former reduces the cleaning result optically the latter impairs the cleaning or disinfecting results, so in this case the installation of an optional decalcification system is recommended.

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