Serie B 904 / B 904 D

Type B 904 bed cleaning system (beds in normal position)

A compact cleaning and disinfecting system for care and hospital beds in normal position. Through the use of loading trucks in these washing  cells , several wheelchairs, toilet chairs, anti-decubitus mattresses or rehab accessories can also be cleaned and disinfected.

B 904


Length: 2500

Width: 2110

Height: 2500


Bedstead: 1

Bedstead foldable: 2

Wheelchair: 3-4

AD mattresses: 4

Otherwise: 4


Operation voltage: 400 V

Electrical power: 2,2 kWh/24 kWh

Water pressure: 3-5 bar

Water consumption: 35 – 40 l

Sound level: 63 dB


AD cleaning system: Yes

Ramp: Yes

Drip tray: No

Pressure Washer: Yes

Washing device bike: No

Cleaning basket: Yes

Rail system: Yes

Transport vehicle: Yes

Drying system: Yes

Water heating: Yes

Additional heating (Water): Yes

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