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Visit from our partner Burmeier to the RehaWash plant.

Burmeier Care Beds

Dali Wash

The Dali range of care beds from Burmeier is the top seller in Germany. The machine washable model, Dali-Wash, combines the advantages of these beds with outstanding hygiene properties. Thanks to its cathodic dip coating (CDC), an electrochemical painting process for maximum durability, it is optimally protected during the washing process.

Powerful arguments:
• designed entirely with the washing process in mind
• special drilled holes allow residual water to drain off after the washing process
• cost-saving 24-volt actuator system; no leakage current measurements are necessary during the expected service life of the bed.
• No dismantling required before washing; the entire bed is reprocessed on the transportation aid



Many people like to enjoy the advantages of an adjustable care bed in the familiar surroundings of their own bedroom. The Lippe-Wash bed insert can be simply placed inside the existing bed frame. Here it demonstrates its versatility, with a four-section mattress base made of metal slats, controlled using a handset with selectively lockable functions.

Powerful arguments:
• designed entirely with the washing process in mind
• special drilled holes allow residual water to drain off after the washing process
• CDC coating provides optimum protection
• available with mattress base dimensions of 90 x 190 cm and 90 x 200 cm
• No dismantling required before washing; the entire bed insert is reprocessed on the transportation aid


Better hygiene for care at home

Burmeier is Germany’s leading manufacturer of beds for care at home. RehaWash Systems stands for bed cleaning systems of the highest quality. The cooperation of our two companies offers major advantages for medical supply retailers. You can benefit in three ways:
• Machine-washable beds have the advantage of optimum, validated hygiene in the fight against germs.
• Your staff is protected and their workload is lightened since no manual cleaning is needed.
• The costs for bed reprocessing become transparent and are reduced in the long term.


Together we are twice as strong

The beds and bed inserts of the Wash family from Burmeier have excellent hygiene properties and are specially designed for automated reprocessing. The beds are precisely coordinated with the washing systems produced by our cooperation partner RehaWash to ensure particularly thorough and validated hygiene. Your major benefits:
• specially coordinated reprocessing program
• low water consumption of just 35 to 40 litres
• simple operation using the touch panel
• value preservation of care equipment thanks to gentle cleaning
• saves time and costs as reprocessing takes only a few minutes and no manual cleaning is required
• relieves staff and frees up resources for other tasks
• quicker availability of the beds reduces storage costs
• greater profitability and availability of the flat-rate pool
• improves the public image of your establishment

Burmeier, based in Lage in the Westphalian region of Germany, enjoys global success with its beds and furniture for care at home. In 2017, the company celebrated the manufacture of its one millionth bed from its own in-house production. Our customers can depend on our high quality:

Burmeier beds are designed in Germany and manufactured in the EU. They benefit from the world-renowned German engineering expertise and from the ultramodern facilities in our European factories.

The use of identical parts in many of the different models simplifies procurement management for our customers and significantly reduces the complexity involved in handling the beds.

Short delivery periods of 24 to 48 hours are standard for us. Our warehouse holds 5,000 beds. Special beds are permanently available.

Our accessory concept transforms every model into a bespoke dream bed and provides retailers with attractive products to offer their private customers. Our range of accessories increases your profit margin and offers comfort and safety to suit every budget.